Зарубежная Эзотерическая и Религиозная Литература

  1. Missional Communities. The Rise of

    The third book in the trilogy that explores the popular missional movement From Reggie McNeal, the bestselling author of The Present Future and Missional Renaissance, comes the third book in

    1598.52 р.
  2. Il Fascino Di Medusa Tra

    Due analisi, una artistica, l'altra storica, ci porteranno su percorsi diversi, entrambi affascinanti, dalle ampie valenze simboliche e psicologiche, per ricondurci infine alla stessa conclusione la Gorgone mostruosa

    432.74 р.
  3. A Brief History of Spirituality

    A Brief History of Spirituality tells the story of Christian spirituality from its origins in the New Testament to the present day. Charts the main figures, ideas, images and historical

    2533.28 р.
  4. The Hidden Gifts of Helping.

    The world's religions affirm it to be so and recent research across a number of disciplines tell us that Helping others not only benefits those we assist but is

    1275.70 р.